RG6 With Power Cable Siamese Cable

Parameters of RG6 With Power Cable Siamese Cable

Additional information

Details About RG6 With Power Cable Siamese Cable

RG6 With Power Cable (RG6 with 2 DC) Siamese Cable

(RG6 coaxial cable + power)



1.02mm CCS/CCA/BC+4.8mm FPE+Al foil+48/64/80/96/112/128×0.12mm Al-Mg/CCA/BC+6.7mm PVC Jacket

+ Power: 2*0.5m㎡, 2*0.75m㎡, 2×1.0m㎡

(Usually is 2x(7/0.37mm CCA/BC+2×1.8mm PVC/PE+4.5mm PVC)


What’s RG6 with power used for:

The RG6 cables that CCTV Camera Pros supplies have a solid copper core, 95% copper braided shielding, and 75 ohm impedance. … The RG6 portion of the cable is COAX and is used to run the video to the security camera. The 18 gauge pair is usedto run the AC or DC power to your cameras.

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